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Within a fire test we have analyzed several automatic watches of the house Mathis Montabon. The General of Mathis Montabon has passed each test with a note. Mathis Montabon is a symbol of luxurious replica watches making, characterized by maximum quality replica watches and precision as well as a long service life. And this for decades.

Only the best materials have been used for the manufacture of Le Général. The stainless steel housing has a diameter of 47 mm and a height of 15 mm - magnificent measurements. A complicated technique lies behind the irrayable sapphire crystal. The automatic movement Mathis Montabon caliber M-3 with 21 rubies. The watch has a lunar disk and also the indicator of the day of the week, month, date and 24h format. Also when it comes to comfort, Le General earns points. The genuine leather strap adapts perfectly to the wrist for its replica watches uk softness and flexibility. The prestunte that characterizes this belt gives it a masculine character. Le Général has a proven water resistance of 5 bars. There are 4 variants to choose from with the totalizer frames in different colors. Matching the totalizers we find the second hand, in white, red, blue or green.

The model we have tested has a price of 1,420 Euros. What we are offered in return is a high quality replica watch that unifies functionality and design.